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Miner Games

Miner games have become increasingly popular in recent months and years. The gist of a miner game is fairly simple. You are supposed to mine the most of whatever object it is that you are mining. As you can probably guess, the most typical miner game involves mining gold.

Most of these gold miner games are kept fairly simple and are used for kids to play or for adults to pass time. In fact, many miner games are comprised of no more than a handful of controls, with a vast majority of them being comprised of only two. 


Many of the gold miner games include a swing claw like object that is supposed to go down into the 'mine shaft' and retrieve the object you are supposed to mine. This claw-like object swings back and fourth, and when it is facing toward your object you hit the down key. In order to reel the claw back up you hit the up key. The game can be addictive and is great for passing time. 

If you couldn't find the game you were looking for in the selection at the top of this page, feel free to check out our tips for finding other miner games. Thanks for visiting!


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